Clogs to Blogs

The desire to blog has been alive for quite a while. However, something invisible, was holding me back. It felt like a clogged drain, waiting to be declogged. I have often reflected upon my clogged state and wondered if its fear of sharing my thoughts openly and transparently, that is preventing me from blogging. I have also wondered if its a personal clog state of mind because I am more comfortable when I have a person in front of me, rather than writing to faceless, nameless, reactionless eworld.
Well finally, I have decided to face upto my fears, my inadequacies, my dilemmas in the open. Hence here is my first bloglet (not a full one today).
I will surely explain the thought behind my blog name – Ifluence – in my next bloglet. Sufficing to say that a lot of my thinking process, my observations, my hypothesis, my dilemmas and my interests lie in the word “I” and its influence on all out transactions, interactions, reactions in life. Its this power of I that has been so intriguing to me. It has been my topic of study ever since I can recall.
I am sure there will be tremedous learning along the way as I push the boundary of my I-fluence to the e-world. Am looking forward to see the intended but more importantly the unintended consequences of our thoughts, musings & actions.
Looking forward to an active and i-filled dialogue.
Happy I-fleuncing to all my friends who have made this leap ahead of me..
With excitement…

About ifluence

I am an eternal optimist and a very strong believer in the power of influence & belief. It has been my experience that most corporations spend disproportionate time in improving productivity of machines, processes, etc but do mere lip service to improving the real capabilities of people. I have always found that people, who feel connected, listened to and cared for genuinely, create a discontinous and disproportionate level of performance, that far outweighs any productivity increase. I am dedicating this blog to sharing my experiences and perspectives on unlocking the power of people.
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1 Response to Clogs to Blogs

  1. Satish says:

    H’I’ Kart’I’k,

    ‘ I ‘ am glad to see that you’ve started putt’ I ‘ng your ‘ I ‘ thoughts on a med ‘I’ um.
    I’m sal ‘I’ vating to read your eventual book and attain Salvation. 😉

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