Life is such a wonderful journey. We encounter fascinating experiences everyday. The amazing world of people around us. Not just the few with whom we interact with, but the many that we fail to notice, recognize or connect with. There are unending possibilities that surround us and yet we seem too busy to explore them. We spend time in the quest of expertise and mastery, only to realize that we continue to remain surrounded by an ocean of unanswered questions.

I enjoy wrestling with the dualities in our existence. I like the ambiguity of unanswered questions with patterns and insights supporting both flavors of the possibilities.  I believe in the power of trust, genuineness and generosity. To me, Optimism is the most powerful weapon in human possession. I love to explore the P&L of life Possibilities & Leaps of faith.

The vulnerability of a being self-aware human being is both liberating and powerful and allows me to constantly learn from people and experiences. I am grateful that you took time to read my perspective & I look forward to learning from yours.

Happy iFluencing..

Kartik Kaushik

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