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I am an eternal optimist and a very strong believer in the power of influence & belief. It has been my experience that most corporations spend disproportionate time in improving productivity of machines, processes, etc but do mere lip service to improving the real capabilities of people. I have always found that people, who feel connected, listened to and cared for genuinely, create a discontinous and disproportionate level of performance, that far outweighs any productivity increase. I am dedicating this blog to sharing my experiences and perspectives on unlocking the power of people.

Does every story need a Moral? Is success always relative?

Try Try Try again…until you succeed. I grew up listening to this proverb. A constant reminder about the need for perseverance, the need to keep trying, to never give up, always telling you that you need to succeed. What is … Continue reading

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Successful Archetypes…

Reliable Experience, Credible Expertise, Transformative Enabler Growing up in the corporate jungle, I observed people, motivations & outcomes and I developed some of my own insights into successful people. I tried to connect the underlying patterns & triggers and found … Continue reading

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Mediocrity – the reward of taking no risk

Mediocrity..the reward of taking no-risk !! In the midst of the herd, there is no risk of being heard, no need to define , but freedom to opine. the comfort of familiarity, of people, process and regularity the sense of … Continue reading

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Powerful or Power-fool : some perspectives

Human beings grow with lots of ambitions and desires. The most important driver in our society is benchmarking success or achievement. Hierarchy is one of the most used measures of success. After all, even the gods have a hierarchy. I … Continue reading

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Does corporate culture inadvertently promote Task Leadership?

In my last blog, I touched on a topic that I have often debated within my mind. Task leadership and success definition v/s People leadership and success definition. The journey, the experiences, the outcomes, the social impact and the personal … Continue reading

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20 years of experience or 1000 weeks of Trial and Error

What does 20+ years of Experience mean? In my life I have come across 2 basic categories of people – Category A : those who spent 2 decades minimizing risk, meeting incremental targets & climbing the corporate ladder doing “more of … Continue reading

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Innovation Process – is this an Oxymoron?

Innovation Process – is it an Oxymoron The desire to innovate is universal. Everybody wants to be creative & cool. Almost every Fortune 500 company in the world is spending time and money trying to figure out how to replicate … Continue reading

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Is Language our biggest barrier to Communication & Learning ??

Communication is an amazing subject. There are those who study it and plot patterns and create theories and there are those who have made a business out of imparting the secrets to powerful communication. I have attended many such courses … Continue reading

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Clogs to Blogs

The desire to blog has been alive for quite a while. However, something invisible, was holding me back. It felt like a clogged drain, waiting to be declogged. I have often reflected upon my clogged state and wondered if its … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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